CH. Kimscott The Traveller of Linfell (IMP AUS)



Breeder Carol Speed

It is with great thanks to Patrica Fainges from Hoya Queensland who helped me find this very special boy from Carol Speed in Queensland, and I imported Tom in 1998.


Tom was a dog ahead of his time in this country. What cattle dogs we had then, were either so interbred or with dreadful temperaments and its thanks to him for his contribution to cattle dogs in South Africa today.


Tom didn’t enjoy the shows and did his best not to put on his ‘bored face’!

But at least he was out there showing what a cattle dog should be and reviving the future interest in our breed.

In 1999 Tom was the first cattle dog to achieve his Championship title in South Africa.


When working Tom preferred to head out to the cattle, which worked so well as most prefer to drive from behind.


Tom had the ability to somehow read my mind and he just knew exactly what I was thinking or feeling as only a cattle dog can.

We adored each other and I thank God for sending this special dog to me, he was my soul mate.




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