My name is Lindy George and after 18 years in the Fashion industry my late husband, Ben and I and our young son Patrick decided to relocate to the beautiful Natal Midlands to our farm, Enniskerry in the Dargle valley in 1992.


We had our lovely herd of Stud Jersey cows and Dorper sheep and our dairy was doing well except for the constant break-ins into the dairy parlour and milk tank.


Our 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Border Collie were not the greatest watchdogs and the answer to my milk theft problem according to the owner of the Howick Pet Shop was an Australian Cattle Dog.


As luck would have it Peter Whitehead had a litter (Bunarba Kennels) in Howick. Patrick fell in love with a little bitch that we called Maggie-May and that was the start of my love and commitment to this breed. Not only did Maggie sort out my theft problem but she taught me how to sort out my cows as well!


Maggie would help to bring the herd in and whilst working with them in the crush she understood when I wanted one of the cows to be moved to another paddock or when to keep them still on the scale whilst weighing them. She was amazing and she did this all on her own as if she could read my thoughts.


Yes I was well and truly hooked and as one does, I said “let’s have puppies”! There were only a handful of cattle dogs then in Natal and even fewer that were Breed Registered, in fact there was no choice other than one breeder!


So Maggie–May produced a lovely litter but 1 pup was born deaf and that led me on another mission and to cut a very long story short Ben said ‘let’s import a boy from Australia’ which we did and in 1989 Tom (Kimscott The Traveller) arrived. I was now totally smitten and the following year Jilly (Charlstud Blue-Fire Jillie) arrived in 1999, then Kelly (Charlstud Hoya Lady) in 2001. My 4th import was Rosy (Coomablue Look Me Over) in 2007 and

after losing my wonderful boy ‘Tom’ in 2010 I decided to import George (Landmaster Im Counting on You) from the world renowned Australian Cattle Dog breeder and judge Connie Redhead in 2012. I was so impressed with the Landmater Kennel that I imported a red boy Foster (Landmaster Just Pretend) in 2014.


These imports are the foundation of my Kennel, Linfell and over the years I have continued to strive for cattle dogs that are true to type, good working dogs as well as show and wonderful companion dogs. Temperament is an essential component in my kennel and I am very gratified to say that over the years I have achieved this trait as well as an excellent working ability.


I had to learn the hard way when Maggie-May produced a deaf puppy and there weren’t any testing facilities available in 1995. My friends in Australia were a great help in advising and assisting me and it’s thanks to technology that tests are now available in South Africa so all dogs and puppies can now be tested.


I am extremely proud of my dogs and their contribution to the breed and gene pool in South Africa over the last 22 years. They have all achieved their Championship titles, as I believe that not only should they be working but be in the show ring too in order to represent Cattle Dogs at all levels.


In 1999 I requested permission from The Kennel Union of SA to form a Cattle Dog Breed Club in South Africa. An inaugural meeting was held on the 4th April 2000 at Enniskerry our home in the Dargle KZN with an attendance of 17 interested people and it was unanimously agreed to go ahead with a steering committee of Ben George, Martin Peddle and I to start The Australian Cattle Dog Club of KZN.


With the help of the Kennel Union our Constitution and affiliation was approved by KUSA later in 2000 and we were able to hold our 1st General Meeting where a committee was elected. The Club is now 17 years old and continues to grow from strength to strength.


After the death of my husband Ben in 2004 I live in Hilton with my 6 dogs who have given me immense love and pleasure. I feel honoured to have been able to contribute to the future of Australian Cattle Dogs in South Africa.


These dogs have woven themselves through my life history and I am blessed and grateful to Graham from the Howick Pet Shop who led me to this wonderful dog.


Thank you for taking a moment to look at my website and I hope you have enjoyed it.


Kind Regards,

Lindy George and the pack of 6



 Lindy George


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