CH. Charlstud Blufire Jillie of Linfell (IMP AUS)



Breeder Patricia Fainges

Patrica Faniges in Queensland bred Jilly especially for me and I imported her in 1999.


I hardly need to say anything about Jilly because everyone knows Jilly!

Jilly is now an old lady, doesn’t see too well with cataracts and but what a darling. She loves everyone be it people, children, pups, other dogs and adores Lacy our cat.

She also loved our horses, chickens, ducks, guinea fowl but mostly to chase, especially when she was young, yes Jilly was a ‘hot’ worker and one needed a very firm hand with her then, but she has certainly mellowed now and is a gentle granny to all.


She has produced beautiful pups over the years, many of which have gained their Championship titles. She like Tom has contributed so much to our present bloodlines in South Africa.


Jilly loved the shows and the big highlight in her showing career was to be placed 2nd in the Herding Group at the Natal Top Dog Show in 2000 as well as achieving her Championship Title that same year.


I was very proud of her.



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